It is unlawful under the Auto Repairs Deceptive Practices Regulations and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act for an automotive repair dealer to do any of the following:

Make any written or oral statements that are misleading and deceptive which the automotive repair dealer knows to be untrue or misleading.

Start work without first having received a signed written authorization from the consumer which clearly states the nature of the repair and the odometer reading of the vehicle, or if during other than normal working hours, verbal authorization from the consumer to proceed with the repair.

Start work without first giving the consumer a written estimate. The total price must be stated either as "price not to exceed" a certain amount or as an exact figure broken down into parts and labor.

Fail to provide the consumer with a copy of any receipt or documents signed by the consumer, at the time they signed them.

Make false promises which are likely to influence, persuade, or induce the consumer to authorize the repair, service, or maintenance of the vehicle.

Charge the consumer for work done or for parts supplied which are in excess of the estimate given, without the prior oral or written consent of the consumer.

Fail to return parts to the consumer at the time the repair is completed provided that the consumer, before the work was commenced, requested the return of parts.

Fail to record on an invoice all repair work performed by the automotive repair dealer for a customer. The invoice should clearly and separately itemize the charges for parts and labor and also state whether any new, rebuilt, or used parts were supplied in the repair.

Fail to provide a copy to the consumer of any guarantee that clearly discloses all of its terms.

Fail to post in a conspicuous place a sign informing the consumer that the automotive repair dealer must provide a written estimate, copies of all receipts, detailed invoices, a copy of any guarantees that are offered, and that the consumer has the right to the return of any replaced parts.